service Power Service

Prime Mover Service

We provide qualified operation, maintenance, repair service for power plant.

- Engine operation and maintenance
- Steam turbine operation and maintenance
- Gas turbine maintenance
- Performance upgrade
- Quality inspection

Automation Service

We provide advanced electric & electronic maintenance and repair service for power plant electric facilities.

- Inspection service - Full, Operation, Condition, Specific system, Electrical site
- Measurement service - Generator condition, Medium voltage
- Analysis service - Power plant, Grid
- Agreement - Operation, Maintenance, Technical support
- AMS and Control systems
- Governor Service
- Pneumatic Service

O&M Service

We manage all aspects of operating and maintaining an installation.

- Daily operation
- Scheduled and unscheduled maintenance
- Safety stock and tools
- Logistics management and security
- Technical support
- Planning and administration
- Recruitment and training of personnel